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WEBTOON TRANSLATE is a crowd-sourced translation service
where fans can legally translate their favorite series into
various languages and share them with a global audience.

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If you are a WEBTOON fan with bilingual skills, you are ready to participate!
Follow the steps below.

  • STEP.01 Click the
    Translate button
    and choose a webtoon!

    You can also click the top-right Translate button
    while viewing an episode.
  • STEP.02 Translate the text!

    Keep to the original context.
    Follow the original font style as well
    Do not use vulgar language or automated translations.
  • STEP.03 Click SAVE ALL
    and you are done!

    Once an episode is 100% complete, it is eligible to be
    published on WEBTOON as a Fan Translation.
    Learn More
  • STEP.04 Share your work!

    Many countries do not have WEBTOON available yet.
    Tell your friends that they can read fan translations
    in their own language!
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Ready to begin now? There are two ways to contribute..

  • Contribute on Wiki

    Wiki Translation is open to everyone.
    You can participate in any way you want;
    translating, proofreading or editing font formats.
    Go Translate
  • Contribute as a Team

    Team Translation is only open to exclusive groups.
    If you are an experienced translator, you can apply
    as team manager and create your own team.
    How Do I Join?

Still curious? Here are some frequently asked questions.

  • Question:Are there any copyright issues?open

    Answer: No, because WEBTOON TRANSLATE is a service where the translation of a series is carried out under the agreement of the original author. Completed translations will be serviced through WEBTOON, and all contributors will be credited. Skilled translators may have an opportunity to debut as an official translator of WEBTOON.
  • Question: I want my translation shown on WEBTOON!open

    Answer: WEBTOON has a Fan Translation menu, which shows the translations done on WEBTOON TRANSLATE. To be shown on WEBTOON, there must be at least 5 completed episodes per webtoon, and only 100% completed episodes will be uploaded. Please be aware that there is an internal screening process to ensure the quality of translations. This process usually takes one working day after you complete an episode. Also some webtoons or episodes are only viewable on WEBTOON TRANSLATE due to WEBTOON's regional policies.
  • Question: How do I join as a team?close

    Answer: You can either send a message to an existing team and ask to become a member, or you can apply as a team manager yourself. To be eligible as a team manager, you must have translated at least 1,000 sentences on our platform. After meeting the requirements, send an e-mail to to apply for the manager position with the following information: 1) "My Profile" URL, 2) the language of your choice, 3) other translating experiences, if you have any. We will determine your eligibility based on the information you provide as well as your activities on WEBTOON TRANSLATE service.
  • Question: I can’t find a certain series to

    Answer: Not all series are currently available on our platform. Click Feedback on the bottom of the page and send us your request. We would love to hear what the global audience wants to read! Requests for new languages and suggestions for new features are also welcome.