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[UPDATE] Auto Translation is newly added! Dec 02, 2022


WEBTOON TRANSLATE is excited to announce that 
“Auto Translation” has been added as a new feature! :)

This new feature will be very helpful by making translation easier and faster!  
For more information, please refer to the following Q&A. :-)

1. What is “Auto Translation”?

“Auto Translation” is a new feature that produces a draft translation of the original texts. 

You can choose between “Translate the whole text” and “Translate the selected text”!

 Translate the Whole Text : 
Below the “Save All” button at the upper right corner, 

you will see the “Apply All” button which will give you a draft translation of “the whole text” of the episode. 

Click “Apply All’, and you will see a draft translation applied to all sentences! 


 Translate the Selected Text : 
For draft translation of “the selected text”, users can use the "Automatic Translator" located in the lower right corner. 

Select the text you want to translate, and the draft translation will appear in the Automatic Translator. 

Click “Apply”, and the translation will be applied to the selected sentence!

You can also decide whether or not to have the original text shown together with the translation.


If you don’t need the Automatic Translator, click “X” located in the upper right corner of the box to make it disappear. 

You can reactivate it whenever you need it, by clicking the circle shaped button at the bottom.


Also, if you click “Apply All” for draft translation of the whole text,

and then click SAVE without any editing, “Auto Translation” mark will be added next to your nickname.

Once you edit the auto translated draft and then click SAVE, the mark will disappear. 

2. How can I use ‘Auto Translation’ for my translating? What are the benefits?
You can quickly & easily get the draft version of the translation by Auto Translation feature.
You can use the draft translation as a basis of your translation activities! :)
However, since the provided draft translation is done by a machine translator, there may be some awkward or wrong expression. 
Or, translation may be too formal, and therefore doesn’t match with the mood of the series or the characteristic of the characters.

So please be sure to check and proofread the translations thoroughly!!
If you find awkward or wrong translation, please edit them.
Be sure to add a human touch to the machine translations! :)

3. Supported languages :

Here's the list of supported language, and more language may be added in the future. 

For the unsupported language, we are sorry, and ask for your kind understanding.

   ① Original Language - English

   ​     -> Supported language (13 languages in total) : Japanese, French, Chinese 简体, Chinese 繁體, Vietnamese, Thai, 

           German, Spanish, Indonesian, Italian, Russian, Hindi, Portuguese (EU))


   ② Original Language - Indonesian

   ​     -> Supported language : English, Japanese


   ③ Original Language - Thai

   ​     -> Supported language : English, Japanese

4. More questions or issue report

If you have more question or suggestion, or if you have problem while using Auto Translation, 

please let us know via our FEEDBACK channel, or send an email to : ''.

We are always more than happy to listen to our users!

Thank you for your support and interest in WEBTOON TRANSLATE!