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[NOTICE] Team Translation is now available Mar 12, 2015

What are benefits of joining Team Translation?

- Each team manager has the right to close translated works that no one can make any other corrections.

- The list of the best teams will be shown on the main page on Webtoon TRANSLATE and also will be shown on LINE Webtoon, both PC and mobile


★ Requirements

- Team manager should have translated more than 1,000 sentences on the service, Webtooon TRANSLATE.
- As a team manager, each team manager can invite contributors to the service or select members from the service.
- Existing scanlation group can also join the service under LINE Webtoon's artists' permissions.

★ How to...
- Send a message to to join Team Translation
- Necessary to send team manager's "My Profile" address and the language of your choice

** If existing scanlation groups want to upload their translated works to the service, Webtoon TRANSLATE, please let us know; the admin will look over the quality of translation / editing before sharing with viewers.

Create your own team to meet worldwide fans on Webtoon TRANSLATE!