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[NEWS] Indonesian Fan Translation of The God of High School to be released officially! Nov 19, 2015


Congratulations, everyone!


LINE WEBTOON had decided to use the Indonesian Wiki version of 'The God of High School' and release it as an official translation. 

They had examined your hard work and deemed it to be of high quality, enough to use it officially. 



- The first Indonesian episode will be released on 24th, November(UTC+7) and updated daily.

- There will be minor editing but the WEBTOON TRANSLATE logo and its contributors will be displayed on LINE WEBTOON.(* Any contributor who edited an episode after its release will not be displayed.) 

- Fan Translation of 'The God of High School' will be taken down from LINE WEBTOON and re-uploaded along with the official version to avoid spoilers. 

- You can still translate and edit all episodes on WEBTOON TRANSLATE. In fact, it is more important than ever to keep its high quality going! 





To congratulate this special occasion, we decided to send a small gift for contributors who had translated more than 1000 lines of 'The God of High School' Indonesian version, and also passed professional evaluation. 

If you are on the list, check your message box and reply with your name and shipping information. We will send you a gift box containing 'The God of High School' goods in December.


- asd

- J.I.L 매한가지로

- Indriyani Anjari

- 양휘강 Y/H/G



Even if you are not on the list, a big thank you for everybody who had participated. 

This wouldn’t have been possible without every single one of you.


There are currently no plans to adopt WEBTOON TRANSLATE for other webtoons or languages. 

But if this works out well, there may be other opportunities in the future! Keep up the great work!