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[NEW WEBTOON] You can now translate original Indonesian webtoons! May 17, 2016
Original Indonesian webtoons are now available for translation!


See the list below:

1. Eggnoid by Archie The RedCat

2. Flawless by Shinshinhye

3. si Juki: LIKA LIKU ANAK KOS by Faza Meonk

4. My Pre-Wedding by Annisa Nisfihani

5. The Normies by Disa Akarini / Si Ona

* Available episodes will be updated everyday until it catches up with its current process.
** Keep in mind that it requires a minimum of 5 translated episodes to show up on LINE WEBTOON.

Don't forget to check if you are translating into the language you want!
You can change the language on the translating tool by clicking the language box and selecting another option.​ 
This is also possible on Team versions.  

Have fun!