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[NEWS] Thai Fan Translation of Eggnoid is released officially! Aug 03, 2016


Congratulations again, translators!


LINE WEBTOON had decided to use the Thai fan translation of 'Eggnoid'(including both Wiki and Team Genesis versions) and release it as an official translation. 

(We apologize that this announcement was late because there was some miscommunication between us and LINE WEBTOON Thai.)



- The first Thai episode has been released on 15th, July and will be updated every Friday and Sunday.

- There will be minor editing but the WEBTOON TRANSLATE logo and its contributors will be displayed on LINE WEBTOON.(* Any contributor who edited an episode after its release will not be displayed.) 

- You can still translate and edit all episodes on WEBTOON TRANSLATE. 


We also decided to contact its main contributors who had translated more than 500 lines of 'Eggnoid' Thai version, 

and also passed professional evaluation. In this case, there was one contributor who met the criteria. 


- Gojji J.


LINE WEBTOON Thai has contacted our main contributor to express our gratitude.

Even if you are not on the list, thank you to everybody who had participated!