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​ Changes to Translate following ‘Fast Pass’ and ‘Daily Pass’ on WEBTOON (Last Update: Oct. 14, 2019) Oct 14, 2019
Dear Contributors and Readers,

TRANSLATE is going through a change following the introduction of ‘Fast Pass’ and ‘Daily Pass’ on WEBTOON.

* What is ‘Daily Pass’?
A single Daily Pass allows you to read a free episode from a completed series. You can read more episodes by unlocking them with Coins when you do not have any remaining Daily Passes. Rest assured if you don’t have Coins! You will receive another Daily Pass the next day so you can read another episode for free. Come back every day to read the entire story for free.
* What is ‘Fast Pass’?
Fast Pass lets you read the latest episode on certain Originals earlier than the regular release date. Look for episodes that display the Fast Pass icon, and you can access them with Coins.
If you think you can wait instead, all Fast Pass episodes become free after a specific period of time.

Following the introduction of both Fast Pass and Daily Pass, we can no longer provide all episodes of a series on TRANSLATE due to copyright issues.
Therefore, once a series becomes available through Fast Pass or Daily Pass on WEBTOON, only free episodes will remain available for translating and reading on TRANSLATE.

Here is the list of series affected by this change:
[Series available through Daily Pass]
- Girls of the Wild's​ (from Sep.30, 2019)
- Orange Marmalade (from Oct.10, 2019)
- Bastard (from Oct.10, 2019)
- Super Secret (from Oct.10, 2019, Chinese 简体, 繁體​ only)
[Series available through Fast Pass]
- The Cliff​ (from Oct.4, 2019, Chinese 简体, 繁體 only)

We ask for your understanding in this change.
Thank you.