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[NOTICE] Series available in official French WEBTOON service (Last Update: Jul. 7. 2023) Nov 19, 2019

Dear Contributors and Readers,

We are excited to announce that the WEBTOON is officially launching in French soon.
Please understand that we can no longer support French translations for certain series on TRANSLATE.
Due to internal policies, the option to translate in French and to read French contributions, will no longer be available for series that officially launch on WEBTOON in French. 

Please read these series on WEBTOON once they launch in French!
(Click here, and you will move to official WEBTOON France service) 

[Series available in official FR service]
- Bastard
- Let's Play
- Tower of God
- The God of High School
- Super Secret
- The Gamer (from Jan.20, 2020)
- Siren's Lament (from Jan.21, 2020)
​- unTouchable (from Mar.16, 2020)
Save me​ (from Mar.29, 2020)
​- Ghost Teller​ (from Jun.27, 2020)
- Dead Days (from Aug.21, 2020)​​
​- Nano List​ (from Sep.15, 2020)​​
- Some episodes of Staying Healthy Together (from Sep.21, 2020)​​
- About Death (from Oct. 19, 2020)​​
- Annarasumanara  (from July 16. 2021)
- Boyfriends. (from July 7. 2023)
(*New launch series will be updated on this post.)
We ask for your understanding in this change.
If you have any further questions, please contact us aCustomer Care.

Best Regards,