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[NOTICE] The prizewinners of Webtoon Translate Beta Jan 23, 2015

Thank you for your interest in the closed beta version of Webtoon TRANSLATE.

The participants on the closed beta version of Webtoon TRANSLATE were automatically joined the event; and Webtoon TRANSLATE team already sent a message to the 20 prizewinners. 

The 20 prizewinners are... 

An**ea Ro**ro




A*eL Leun*

F*na A*elie

Sil*na Schu*

Jev*ni Niko*jev

Lour*s Salda* Za*leta

Ri*rdo Ber*dez


Shier*ne|adm k*k

Ro* Caire

Emily Sar*s

oli*a chris*na

Lo*n A*xandre



Ka**na Ferrei** San**na

Ev**n Pa**uz-Cha***er 


Please check your message inbox and reply back to us with your name, home address and mobile phone number. 


We wish all of Webtoon TRANSLATE users love our service and spread and share enjoyable webtoons to more global audience. 


Once again, thank you for your participation and hope we get to see you more on the service.


Thank you