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[NOTICE] We invite you to WEBTOON CANVAS TRANSLATE BETA! Oct 06, 2021


After running Beta service thoroughly and receiving feedback from our users, official CANVAS TRANSLATE service will be released later! 

During the Beta service period, only some CANVAS series from US WEBTOON service are available. 
But after the official service is launched, much more CANVAS series will be featured in WEBTOON TRANSLATE.

NOW, let’s Spread and Share the joy of CANVAS to global WEBTOON fans!!

* Here’s the list of the CANVAS series which will open the door of CANVAS TRANSLATE Beta!  

 (Click 'Go Translate', and you can start translating right away! If you want to read the original in WEBTOON, click the title of each series! )


'I want to be a cute anime girl' by Azul Crescent         Go Translate

'The Little Trashmaid' by s0s2                                        Go Translate

'YOU ARE MY BFF (LGBTQ+)' by Beimuyo                    Go Translate

'Valentine' by Seni-Arseni                                               Go Translate 

'One Week Limit' by KamyoYurika                                 Go Translate

'Mushroom Movie' by mycelium prod.                          Go Translate

'#SweetCinnamon' by Glen_❤️                                    Go Translate



Plus, for the users who want to know more about CANVAS and CANVAS TRANSLATE Beta Service, 
we prepared Q&A section below, so check it out! 

Q : What is CANVAS?
A: CANVAS is WEBTOON’s open platform where anyone can publish and upload their works anytime. 
Creators can freely share their stories with millions of global readers! 
Translate CANVAS series, and be the part of a scene! :) 

For the users who want to know more about CANVAS, here’s the link! 

Go to WEBTOON CANVAS (click)


Q : Which, and how many CANVAS series are available during the Beta period?

A: As we said above, there will be  7 CANVAS series from the official US WEBTOON service.
But after the Beta service is ended and the official service is launched, series from other official services (ex : Spain, Indonesia… etc. ) will be available too!
So stay Tuned!

Q : Is translated CANVAS series also available other than WEBTOON TRANSLATE PC website, such as WEBTOON app, or PC web?

A: Yes! 100% translated episodes will be​ shown on WEBTOON mobile app/web, and PC web! 
So you can enjoy translated versions in both WEBTOON and WEBTOON TRANSLATE.
For the mobile app/web, click the 'information' button at the top right in each CAVNAS series' page, and you may find 'Available fan translations' menu. 
Select the language you want, and enjoy! 

Q : I would like to contribute, is there any differences or special rules compared to translating Original series?
A: Nope! Same as Original series, you can freely translate CANVAS series into the language you want. 
But, if the translation is different from the meanings what original author intended, it might be edited or deleted. 
We ask for your understanding, so that the meaning and context author intended can be well conveyed.

If there’s any questions / errors / suggestions about CANVAS TRANSLATE beta service,
please let us know through ‘Feedback’ channel, or send the email via '

We are always glad to hear the voices from our users, and thanks for your interest to our service and WEBTOON. :)

Now, it's time to be a bridge between Global Fans & CANVAS in WEBTOON TRANSLATE!
We hope you enjoy it! :D

Best Regards,